Its Out and about - But lets talk Future

Let's have a chat about where the game is going. 

Schedules at the end of the year go to south relatively quickly so id like to ask for some patience on any issues at the bottom of this post will be a list of known issues. we are a 2 man team but our priority is making sure we develop a quality product. Please message us on Facebook @ or start up the discussion board if you find something that is not on the list. There will be a post in the discussion board about known issues. 

Before we get into the problems though lets talk about the future.

we have some exciting plans to navigate the learning space of Virtual Reality, we want to use the fun environment to try and aid improvement to your game of Cricket by identifying shot selection, footwork, problem areas on the pitch, identifying danger balls and of course hand eye coordination 

First and foremost - That gray box turret is on a high priority to leave. to be replaced with a character. We have some basic motion capture captures for a rigged character and those basic animations will be in the game before Christmas with a sporty Girl Bowling(you will see her in one of the levels of the game and in our banner on the facebook page. Other characters will start development in the coming months but wont be in the game until sometime next year once we have a clearer date there will be a post.

additional Features to look forward to;

     2 New Game Modes Called - Pressure Tests

   The first of the pressure tests will be a wave system(think call of duty Zombies) it will become progressively harder over time and the game         will try to force and error in your technique.

    The second pressure test will deliver predetermined balls with a predetermined direction to play the shot, These will progressively get harder and will be rewarded a bronze, silver or Gold if you meet the minimum requirements or alternatively will have difficulties set before entering.

      while we would like to give you a time frame for these game modes we would like to get the current version of the game working just fine before we continue on new features.

     Audio! you might have already noticed the lack of audio! unfortunately sound is hard to come by, Cricket is one of those sports where it isn't common to have a game or people willing to record sound effects and dish them out for free say, like a Gun shot or something more common in games.  We are working on all the reactionary/colliding of the ball sounds now and will slowly progressively be entered into the game.

          "You have wooden and plastic bats but they all do the same!", Yes they do! But once we squash all the bugs this will be something that we will play around with, we want you to play differently to the bat that is in your hands. What type of ball is being bowled at you(Yes more are coming). We feel like this is the most important feature that needs to be in the game to capture the atmosphere of Backyard Cricket.  the trusty tennis ball doesn't react the same as the home made taped up one! or the swing king or a "real" cricket ball! 

Known Issues 

- Some tree colliders aren't colliding with the ball. 

- Ball collider is a little to big for the mesh that is on it (sometimes you will see it bounce an inch off the ground)

-spin ball collider - the same as above, however there are missing audio files and particles as well.

- Scoring isn't working on one level. 

- Some balls are not de-spawning after their allocated time.

-Wickets are duplicating over periods of play without restarting the game

-Some scoreboards are posting a 'false' condition originally meant for debugs

-there is still an invisible wall behind one of the levels

-Out Rules not working - originally this was a exhibition game where people wanted to tonk after making a bunch of changes to get it ready for release it would seem these rules are failing to operate. 

- Pool Colliders are not operating the way we want them

-Controller prompts to be able to operate the vive controller.


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Oct 14, 2017

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